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GRID4EU Demo3: The Spanish Demonstrator

The Spanish Demonstrator in Castellon focuses on the enhancement of the MV and LV network automation and the awareness of the customers about their consumption and network situation.

BESOS: Building Energy Decision Support Systems for Smart cities

The strategic goal of BESOS is to enhance existing neighbourhoods with decision support system to provide coordinated management of public infrastructures in Smart Cities, and at the same time provide citizens with information to promote sustainability and energy efficiency.

The Estfeed Project: Innovative data sharing ICT infrastructure for energy market participants

Estfeed project built a software platform capable to integrate many data sources and to provide appropriate services to convert these data into valuable information for energy flexibility management, energy efficiency, audit and benchmarking.

The KIC-ASS project: Development of an active distribution substation that facilitates the integration of renewable energies into the grid

The goal of the KIC-ASS project (Knowledge and Innovation Community – Active Sub Stations) is to bring research institutes and industry together to develop key cost efficient components for future smart secondary substations, thus contributing to improved distribution network operation through better distribution network monitoring technologies .

COTEVOS - Ensuring Electric Vehicle (EV) Interoperability within Smart Grids

COTEVOS project (Concepts, capacities and Methods for Testing EV Systems and their Interoperability within the Smart Grids) aims to establish the optimal structure and capacities to test the conformance, interoperability and performance of the systems to be included in the Electric Vehicles (EV) smart charging infrastructure.

DISCERN project – The Use Case & SGAM approach as a tool for communication between DSO and vendors

Within the scope of Smart Grids, stakeholders coming from different areas of expertise need to co-operate in order to design solutions that optimise electricity network management. Particularly relevant in this context is the information exchange between DSOs and vendors when procuring systems.

eTelligence -Working with IEC 61850 to integrate DER and large commercial consumers

Small and medium sized decentralised generation units as well as commercially used consumption applications can play a key role in a future energy supply system. This is especially true for decentralised generation units: they don’t need to rely on the further construction of transmission network capacities since they are situated close to the actual demand side. In addition, from a physical point of view, the total capacity of generation from this type of generation unit can be multiplied in the future.

SmartWatts : The EEBus standard – development and benefits

The Smart Watts project was initiated within the German E-Energy programme on the development and testing of Smart Grids (2008 – 2021). The project consortium‘s declared goal lay in the design and implementation of an unbundling compliant information and control model for the energy system that supplies all market participants with near real-time data on generation and consumption of energy. That way, an intelligent supply management is enabled by a comprehensive control and optimisation of energy portfolios. 

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