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Capacity calculation
OPTIMATE: a numerical simulation platform to recommend new electricity market designs integrating massive flexible generation in Europe

The aim of the FP7 project OPTIMATE was to develop a simulation platform, i.e. to develop market simulation tools, with the aim to cope with massive renewable energy integration into the EU network.

Market4RES: Post 2020 framework in a liberalised electricity market with large share of Renewable Energy Sources

The aim of the IEE-EU project Market4RES is to investigate the potential evolution of the EU electricity Target Model in order to secure the European power system decarbonisation with large amounts of renewables.

Current practices, drivers and barriers for new reliability standards: a report from the GARPUR project

The GARPUR deliverable D1.2 describes the current transmission system operator (TSO) reliability practices along with the grid codes. It also presents drivers for and barriers against probabilistic reliability criteria. The report focuses on the European practices but also presents some cases from other continents. Due to the multi-area and multi-agent nature of many power systems, these issues are also discussed within this document in the European context.


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