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iTesla: Innovative Tools for Electrical System Security within Large Areas

The main purpose of the iTesla project is to develop a new generation of security assessment tools, able to support the operation of the pan-European grid in the coming years.

Market4RES: Post 2020 framework in a liberalised electricity market with large share of Renewable Energy Sources

The aim of the IEE-EU project Market4RES is to investigate the potential evolution of the EU electricity Target Model in order to secure the European power system decarbonisation with large amounts of renewables.

UMBRELLA Toolbox to ensure secure grid operation in future electricity networks

UMBRELLA is an EC FP7 project that will provide a toolbox for TSOs to ensure secure grid operation also in future electricity networks with high penetration of intermittent renewables. It enables TSOs to act in a coordinated European target system where regional strategies converge to ensure the best possible use of the European electricity infrastructure.

The TWENTIES control and protection strategies of DCGs
To integrate both onshore and offshore wind power to a greater extent into the European system by 2020, DC grids (DCGs) play an important role. In fact, in addition to optimization of AC and DC transmission infrastructures, and potential improvement of reliability and security of supply, DCGs are expected to provide additional functionalities and meet some requirements: wind power transfer (including their capability for smoothing of wind power fluctuations); wind power interconnection (i.e. use of the DCG to exchange power between AC zones);ancillary services (e.g. voltage support , frequency support to onshore AC grids, etc.).
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