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The Guided Search of the GridInnovation-online platform is structured according to the EEGI roadmap which covers the full value chain of activities performed by Network Operators. The knowledge is spread into clusters which correspond to the basic activities of transmission and distribution system operators (TSOs and DSOs) and their in-between activities (joint TSO-DSO activities).

Select one of the clusters below to access the knowledge coming from Research and Innovation projects embedded in the platform, or, in order to obtain more focused information, select one of the different levels corresponding to specific activities of each field.

Example of how does the GridInnovation online library works

The structure of knowledge in GridInnovation-on-line

In the GridInnovation-on-line library, each cluster (for example: TSO4 / Market Designs) is broken down into a set of functions organized in a tree-like structure:

  • Level 1 = System functions describing high-level concepts. For example: market simulation tools     
  • Level 2 = Subsystem functions detailing further the system functions.  For example: forecasting tool    

  • Level 3 = Component functions associated to technical matters. For example: RES forecast   

  • Level 4 = Subcomponent functions detailing further - where needed - the component functions. For example: wind forecast

  • TSO activities
  • DSO activities
  • Joint TSO-DSO activities

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